Forest Planner helps forest managers keep more detailed records and make better-informed decisions.

Less paperwork. Greater precision. Maximum growth.

Welcome to the future of forest management.

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Laptop and mobile running Forest Planner

Connect and enhance your data

See all your data in one place. With a clear picture of your forest operations you can make the right decisions.

Computer and mobile

You enter your data

We combine your new existing and data and geolocate it where possible.


We enhance it

We use information from Ordnance Survey, the Forestry Commission and others to provide more context to your data.


Issues discovered

Our AI engine runs through all the data to check for potential issues. Discovered issues are flagged to the user straight away.


Insights unlocked

Make decisions about your forest with extra clarity and precision.

Install deer fenceDue by: 27/04/2019

Assigned to: Jim Smith, Made up Ltd

Notes: Agreed height of 2.0m


Contract assigned

Work finished

Evidence submitted

Payment sent

Contractor management made easy

Tired of chasing up work or asking where that delivery has got to?

Add your contractors to the system and we will automatically email them when work is overdue or missing.

They can submit evidence that work has been completed.

Your data where you need it

At your desk or in the forest, we make sure you have all your data all the time.

Our web platform is accessible via your browser and our iPhone and Android apps keep your data mobile.

Data is automatically synced to your phone so even offline you have the information you need.

Tablet and mobile running Forest Planner
English management plan
Scottish management plan

One click documents

Need an English or Scottish management plan? How about a felling licence?

We take the data you've been entering into the platform and output it in the required format.

Supported by Geovation Scotland

Geovation Scotland is a collaboration between Ordnance Survey and Registers of Scotland to unlock greater value from UK geospatial, land and property data assets.

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